Weillinois.com is a two-way platform that enables both businesses and the end users to reach out to each other. On one hand, our platform enables businesses to list their services through our business networking platform. On the other hand, over millions of illinois based inhabitants can use our active services to discover businesses in their neighborhood area. This way both listed businesses and end users on the platform are getting benefitted by subscribing to our active services. At present, over thousands of businesses have susbcribed to the active services on our business networking platform. To improve the services of listed businesses, we allow the end users to make comment, review businesses and share their concerns on the platform so that other users get benefitted from their first hand service experience. Besides that, we have a featured trends section on the platform where we inform our users about the trending business service in their neighborhood area. As a user, if you wish to know about the service which is scaling the popularity charts in the neighborhood, we have dedicated a section called Popular Business section that enables our users to pick the local services they are looking for. Please visit our business page to know how you can subscribe to our active services.